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Title: А. С. Макаренко: воспитание и коучинг
Other Titles: A. S. Makarenko: Education and Coacing
Authors: Меттіні, Еміліано
Mettini, Emiliano
Keywords: А. Макаренко
A. Makarenko
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Меттини, Эмилиано А. С. Макаренко: воспитание и коучинг [Текст] / Эмилиано Меттини // Педагогічні науки: теорія, історія, інноваційні технології : науковий журнал / МОН України, Сумський держ. пед. ун-т ім. А. С. Макаренка ; [редкол.: А. А. Сбруєва, О. Є. Антонова, Дж. Бішоп та ін.]. – Суми : СумДПУ ім. А. С. Макаренка, 2015. – № 2 (46). – С. 144–149.
Abstract: У статті розкривається питання про сучасне трактування творчої спадщини Антона Семеновича Макаренка. Зокрема, автор пропонує і доводить необхідність використання методики виховання особистості, розроблену А. Макаренком з позиції коучинга – сучасної методики в менеджменті. Саме коучинг, на думку автора, дозволить глибше зрозуміти ідеї педагога з метою визначення конкретних можливостей використання продуктивного педагогічного досвіду А. Макаренка в сучасних умовах.
The paper sets a goal to demonstrate the question about a modern interpretation of Anton Semenovitch Makarenko’s legacy. Especially, in the paper is suggested how for the coaching, a modern management technique, is necessary to accept and use the person educational method developed by A. Makarenko. The coaching consents to understand more deeply the ideas of the pedagogue, in order to define a concrete possibility to effectively use the pedagogical work of A. Makarenko in the present time, when educational and pedagogical institutions continue fading into insignificance in order to adapt themselves to training, which nowadays is considered the principal criterion in regard to evaluation of pupils’ abilities and skills of a number of educational institutions. Not even is clear that is not needed to throw the baby out with the bathwater, throwing to the wolves the best you can have among the past models in education and pedagogy, and this way, we have to give a special place to Anton Semenovitch Makarenko’s model, internationally acclaimed either at Cuba and in France, where are used his ideas about collective, education through the labor and so on. Anyway, to resolve the problem of socialization and education of his pupils, Anton Semenovitch used the collective and the general assembly of the Colony of labor named after M. Gorki. Here he used the coaching, the ability to create an environment where former criminal could have the possibility to express themselves, experience positive emotions, doing something for the community where they lived. This way, working and managing the Colony, they reach some goal and developed their social, personal potential and creativity. Such educational means as the vis-à-vis colloquium with the pupils and the perspective lines system helped Anton Semenovitch in his tasks, because he strongly believed that the main role in choosing new perspective is played by the emotions and the furthest they are, the best they are efficient as far expectation increases a positive anticipatory tension, leading the consciousness towards the realization of the desired event. So, in the psychology of Makarenko’s pupils arose new motivations of behavior pushing them away from the past and, moreover, criminal life, changing their attitude to the society, their community and life, as well. Nowadays, we can use Makarenko’s ideas in regard to children with deviant behavior, as far as in our “liquid society” (genial utterance by Sigmund Bauman) the pervert charm of the social evil, with its social and ethical ambiguity can jeopardize the life of every children.
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