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Title: Організаційно-педагогічні засади фандрейзингової діяльності в державних університетах США
Other Titles: Organizational and Educational Foundations of Fundraising Practices in the U.S. Public Universities
Authors: Красуля, Алла Вікторівна
Krasulia, Alla Viktorivna
Keywords: організаційно-педагогічні засади
фандрейзингова діяльність
державний університет
асоціація випускників
відділ інституційного розвитку
organizational and educational foundations
fundraising practices
state university
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка
Citation: Красуля, А. В. Організаційно-педагогічні засади фандрейзингової діяльності в державних університетах США [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. пед. наук : спец. 13.00.01 – загальна педагогіка та історія педагогіки / А. В. Красуля ; МОН України, Сумський держ. пед. ун-т ім. А. С. Макаренка. – Суми : СумДПУ ім. А. С. Макаренка, 2016. – 20 с.
Abstract: Дисертація є комплексним дослідженням у галузі компаративної педагогіки щодо управління фандрейзинговою діяльністю в державних університетах США. Охарактеризовано стан розроблення проблеми освітнього фандрейзингу у вітчизняній теорії вищої освіти. Уточнено поняттєво-термінологічний апарат дослідження (фандрейзинг, благодійність, філантропія, меценатство, спонсорство, ендавмент). Визначено концептуальні підходи до розгляду філантропії та фандрейзингу в державних університетах США. Виявлено чинники та виокремлено історичні етапи становлення й розвитку благодійницької та фандрейзингової діяльності у вищій освіті США. З’ясовано нормативно-правові, обґрунтовано організаційні та змістові засади фандрейзингової діяльності у вищій освіті США. Окреслено можливості творчого використання інноваційного потенціалу фандрейзингової діяльності американських університетів. Розроблено прогностичну модель розвитку фандрейзингової діяльності в університетах України.
This thesis is a complex mix of research in the field of comparative pedagogy that explores state university fundraising practices. It explains the essential fundraising principles of U.S. state universities, and the lessons that they hold for Ukrainian higher education. Its aim is to determine the organizational and pedagogical foundations of fundraising activities in public universities in the USA, and to outline the possibilities for the creative use of elements of progressive American experience in terms of the challenge of decreasing government funding of universities in Ukraine. This research gives, firstly, a thorough analysis of the development of the problem in the innovation of national and foreign educational pedagogy, and comparative studies of the management of higher education. It outlines research concepts and terminology, and clarifies the theoretical foundations of fundraising activities in public American universities. Secondly, it identifies the historical origins of the development of philanthropy in higher education in the USA, highlighting its several stages of development, as well as the effect of government policies that have been implemented to diversify sources of funding for public universities. Thirdly, it defines legislative foundations of fundraising, and describes its contextual and organizational aspects in public U.S. universities today. Finally, it summarizes progressive fundraising experiences of U.S. universities, and identifies the opportunities to be used in the aspect of the studied problem in Ukraine. The scientific novelty and theoretical significance of the obtained results of the research is the following: for the first time in Ukrainian Pedagogy the organizational and educational framework of fundraising practices in public American universities is holistically studied from a Ukrainian perspective. The conceptual terminology of the research, such as fundraising, public relations, charity, philanthropy, sponsorship, endowment, Alumni Associations, is characterized. The historical stages of philanthropy and fundraising development in U.S. higher education are highlighted. The legal basis for the regulation of fundraising activities is outlined. The implementation and management policy of successful fundraising practices in modern public U.S. universities provide an example of the progressive experience in American higher education system with the potential to be introduced to address this aspect of the problem in Ukraine at national, local and institutional levels. The proposed recommendations provide a model for the improvement of legislative, organizational, and educational environment. Previously unknown or rare sources, historical documents, and facts relating to the characteristics of fundraising activities in public universities in the USA are subjected to scientific analysis. The practical significance of the results of the thesis provide generalized scientific findings about the essence of fundraising as an innovative educational phenomenon into the curriculum of university management and comparative pedagogy courses, and Master Degree programs in Ukraine for future teachers, fundraisers and university leaders. The emphasis is upon the formation of specific skills and personnel training aimed at obtaining financial, intellectual, voluntary and other resources for furthering the implementation of social projects. The prognostic potential of the research increases the possibility of using the results for further scientific research on university management and administration in the modernization of the national higher education system of Ukraine. Philanthropic support of the university enables it to meet the challenges facing higher education today. It helps attract and retain the finest faculty, increase scholarship support, create and endow research centers, ensure state-of-the-art resources, expand global programs, and secure the long-term financial health of the university by boosting the endowment. Well invested and strong endowments allow donors to create a permanent legacy, and unleash the unlimited potential of education. Contributions from alumni help it build on its rich history while providing world-class opportunities for today’s students. According to the sources researched we arrived at the conclusion that American universities value the philanthropic legacy in education, passed down from generation to generation. The Ukrainian higher education system is facing enormous challenges today, so it needs a new professional strategic approach to fundraising, which provides a critical source of income to universities in times of decreasing government support to public universities and global competition.
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