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Title: Охорона здоров’я в Російській імперії, Сумському повіті і с. Старому
Other Titles: Health Care in the Russian Empire, Sumy District, And Village Old (Stare)
Authors: Кравченко, Анатолій Іванович
Kravchenko, Anatolii Ivanovych
Keywords: охорона здоров'я
с. Старе
Сумський повіт
медична допомога
земська медицина
health protection
village Old (Stare)
Sumy district
medical aid
Zemstvo medicine
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка
Citation: Кравченко, А. Охорона здоров’я в Російській імперії, Сумському повіті і с. Старому [Текст] / А. Кравченко // Педагогічні науки: теорія, історія, інноваційні технології : науковий журнал / Міністерство освіти і науки України, Сумський державний педагогічний університет імені А. С. Макаренка ; редкол.: А. А. Сбруєва, М. А. Бойченко, О. Є. Антонова [та ін.]. – Суми : Вид-во СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка, 2018 – № 3 (77). – С. 121–131.
Abstract: Розглянуто історичні аспекти розвитку й особливості охорони здоров'я в Російській імперії в цілому, Сумському повіті та с. Старому зокрема. Схарактеризовано земства та їх роль у становленні вітчизняної медицини. Висвітлено особливості надання медичної допомоги та стан захворюваності в Сумському повіті. Подано інформацію про фельдшера в с. Старе.
Historical aspects and features of health care in the Russian Empire in general, Sumy district and village Old (Stare) are shown. Information about the first medical institutions of Sumy region is provided. The medical reforms carried out under Peter I were characterized, as a result of which the Medical College was established in place of the Pharmacy Ordinance. The article also analyzes the development of secondary medical education in the territory of the Russian Empire. The features of the emergence, training, responsibilities and activities of paramedics are described. Characterization of different kinds of medical paramedics, which arose after 1870, is given. The principles and features of military and public medicine are considered. The Zemstvos and their role in the development of domestic medicine are described. Particular attention is paid to the organization of providing publicly available medical care in Zemsky hospitals. The rural dormitories as an indispensable part of the system of rural medicine are described. The statistics on the number of medical colleges in 7 Ukrainian provinces are submitted: Basarabiia, Ekaterinoslav, Poltava, Tavriia, Kharkiv, Kherson and Chernihiv. Relying on the magazines of Sumy ordinary district Zemstvo collections, the features of the provision of medical care and the state of morbidity in the Sumy district are discussed. Information about the assistant in village Old (Stare) is given. Also, the article features the taxation of peasant communities of Sumy district in order to receive funds for the maintenance of public education and medical care in the region. The difficulties in recruiting medical personnel, as well as the allocation of insufficient funds for their maintenance are described. The indicated salary wages of the paramedic in village Old (Stare) in 1882 are shown. Provided statistics on the total population of Sumy District and village Old (Stare), in particular, data on the growth or decrease of population in each village district of the county, the indicated information about the distribution in the village is given. Many old infectious diseases such as typhus and diphtheria, in addition, indicate that citizens of the village Old often suffered from fever. The table of morbidity of the population as of1890 is also presented.
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